Elections.in provides latest election news pertaining to India.
From highly thought-provoking articles on current political events to frequent live updates during the much anticipated poll contests, the website covers all major elections events across the country. It also has a branched out venture called ‘OMG Elections’, which takes a humorous take on day to day politics. The portal accurately captures all the facts related to results, current government and biographies of famous political dignitaries.

Monetization Method: Google Adsense

Possible Users: politics students, politics enthusiasts and politicians

Categories: Elections, Humour and Politics

Keywords: Elections in India, Elections Results, Upcoming Elections in India, etc.

Google Analytics Traffic Status for the year 2017:

elections.in analytics traffic 2017

Month (2017)
January 2,985,047 5,139,125
February 3,885,295 6,346,114
March 7,094,649 14,032,327
April 1,534,702 2,486,705
May 799,302 1,218,806
June 764,683 1,175,883
July 839,987 1,294,259
August 954,029 1,523,705
September 903,616 1,457,453
October 1,062,409 1,776,859
November 1,357,381 2,302,544
December 2,143,108 3,858,810
Total 24,324,208 42,612,590
Top Channels:
Organic Search 74.82%
Direct 23.89%
Referral 1.57%
Social 0.12%
Total 24,324,208

Top Countries:

India 91.97%
United States 1.97%
UAE 1.00%
Others 5.06%

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