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Compare Infobase Limited was established in 1998, with a vision to conceive and create end-to-end solutions for websites and e-businesses. We never let go of that vision, and over time we’ve grown to encompass over 170 professionals, spread across two regional offices in India and one international office in the United States.

What We Do

We focus on doing our jobs better every year, with even more determination and a stronger team. Our core expertise lies in the areas of Content Development, Software Development, Maps and Geospatial Services, Custom Applications, Offshore Product Development, Web Services, managing captive units and our role as an independent vendor.

To cater to the ever-growing need of businesses to shift their operations onto an Internet platform, CIL has invested in the development and online marketing of over 500 websites. These websites have been search engine optimized through proper keyword concentration, metadata optimization, and other methods of onsite and offsite promotion. Our sites are scalable, and each one has its own special concept plan for how to reach the next level. CIL offers these sites on the global market with domain name rights, content rights and IPR rights all included. We also assist all our customers in maintaining their websites and growing their investment even larger.

A Team of Professionals

Our company proudly boasts a large team of professionals, who have expertise in every key area of e-commerce. All the members of the Compare family are qualified and experienced web developers, content developers, cartographers, designers, surveyors, data collectors, and managers. We have the potential to found websites for every need, incubating them and converting them into successful business ventures.

Diversity in Business

We here at CIL have an established business presence in subjects as diverse as maps, travel, handicrafts, greeting cards, celebrations and festivals, real estate, education, and media. In addition, we have the ability to diversify into any online business vertical, making us a multifaceted company with talent in every area.

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